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Handicrafts and Home Decoration In India

India, a unique combination of royal ethnicity and modernistic charm, is home to numerous transcendent artisans, making it a culturally rich country. The astuteness of the skilled artists has made India a great destination for artistry commodities. The craftsmanship of the Indian artists is diverse, culturally rich and reflects the history of different empires which prevailed here. Through the centuries, handicrafts of India have been an inseparable part of the traditions of the rural communities. The crafts are made out of rocks, paper, stones, metal, wood, clay, etc. with the deployment of simple tools. Trade links between India and...

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How To Save Money With Online Hotel Booking Sites?

Going on vacations is fun, but living in hotels at high prices is a huge turn off. Be it a family vacation or solo traveling, the high hotel prices are always a setback. Therefore, it’s necessary to do your part of research before doing hotel reservations. Hotel booking websites come to your rescue and offer wonderful offers, which not only makes staying in hotels a low-budget affair but a wonderful experience as well. In this write-up, we have put together some tricks for you that will enable you to save some money on your next hotel booking. Hotel Location...

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