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Greek Picnic: TOP 9 Places To Have Picnic In Athens

Athens is not only the city of ancient ruins and exciting views. You can go picnic in Athens the year around. Of course, it is better to do it in summer. So, where can you find a cozy green place to have picnic and do not be finned. What are they? Lycabettus Hill The picnic with beautiful panoramic view is guaranteed, if you could climb the highest mountain in Athens. If you do it on foot, the pathways, mountain roads are in your full disposal. Do not forget that mountain is 300 meters high. The optimal variant is climb...

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Travel Tips: Budget Lisbon Tour

Portuguese is one of the most beautiful and amazing European countries, famous of its history, nature, city sights. You can find different entertainments here. This is your chance to choose entertainments of different kinds about your interests and pleasure. Lisbon is a good place for budget vacation. You can easily find attractive prices for hotels here. There is always a chance to visit vast number of interesting city sights for free. Do you know that your dinner can be cheap but tasty? The big bonus is amazing beach territory. So, it is time to learn how to visit Lisbon...

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Trade Streets and Shopping Centers In Osaka: Your World Is Your Command!

Osaka is considered to be economic center and populous city in the Western part of Japan. It is recommended to visit this trade capital in the first instance. We are going to visit Osaka district, it is close to Osaka Station. This place is a popular business-center, where the most of famous corporations are placed. Look around! There are many skyscrapers and vast network of underground foot-walks. What is more, you can meet a nice historical place, keeping a lot of traditions of the local culture. Osaka Station The first interesting place for tourists is Osaka Station – amazing...

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Verona Shopping Points: The Cheaper The Better

Verona is not only historical and cultural center. There is definitely a serious reason to go there – shopping tour. The most pleasant: you can successfully combine watching sights and shopping. For example, after visiting Juliet’s Museum, you can go to the nearest trade center Glienfield Passage – getting wants and needs met. Via Mazzini Shopping Street The street is comfortably situated to the North from the historical heart of Verona – Piazza Bra. So-called trade artery starts from Arena di Verona going further to Via Cappello. You will never lose your way – see Juliet statue and turn...

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